In this safe space, I soar beyond the clouds, pursue my dreams and aspirations, and shape my world


Agagbe Kelvin Terlumun
Federal University of Agriculture,
Makurdi Benue State

It was a cool August evening in 2017, when a bossom friend of mine, Akodi Peterson, buzzed me on WhatsApp, recommending that I apply for the Emerging African Leaders Program (ELP) of the Center for Social Awareness, Advocacy and Ethics, Incorporated (CSAAE).

Of course I did apply and graciously, I was selected to be part of the 2017 cohort of ELP.

As a Nigerian youth with a fair understanding of my society, I have always wanted to impact positively on the lives, systems and norms of my community but the troubling question was “how” and “when” to begin this journey of impact, with the dream of becoming the Governor of my state as centre focus.

I found my “how” in a community where dreams thrive and imaginations become real, when in December 2017, I was launched in a safe space by CSAAE. In this safe space, I soar beyond the clouds, pursue my dreams and aspirations, and shape my world.

The shaping process began with the CSAAE Foundation Conference in Ikejia, Lagos State. I was blown away by the introductory speech of an eloquent, brilliant, young and passionate man with an unbeatable power of oratory whom I would later know as Rev. Fr. Dr. Godswill Agbagwa, the President and Founder of CSAAE.

In his, address, I singled out the continuous emphasis on the need to nurture big dreams and initiate a Community Development Project (CDP) as mandatory criteria to remain a member of the Organization. I was immediately motivated to do more to bring out the best in me.

With weekly webinars that expose me to the trends in contemporary leadership and a carefully structured mentoring programme, CSAAE continuously provides answers to my most troubling questions and is positively shaping my innate leadership strengths to help me make desired impact in my community.

I am the proud initiator of a Community Development Project titled: “Good Governance Campaign- GOGOcampaign”, an awareness and advocacy initiative aimed at introducing emerging leaders (drawn from secondary and tertiary institutions) to the concept of ethical leadership and tenets of good governance. Many thanks to CSAAE Mentors and Resource Persons who help to guide me in this project to achieve sterling success.

With over thirty two (32) young leaders trained so far in my community, I am convinced that GOGOcampaign will provide lasting solutions to the problem of failed leadership in Nigeria by raising a crop of future ethical leaders.

I am eternally grateful to CSAAE for harbouring and nurturing me in this amazing zone- my safe space. Indeed, CSAAE is causing a positive revolution in Africa.

Join me on this impact journey at There is a space for you! A safe space where dreams are real.