I did not expect to see that sort of ‘belief’ that Nigeria could be better

I am Ayo Bright, just a young man from Nigeria.  I became a member of the Emerging African Leaders Program, Center for Social Awareness Advocacy and Ethics Incorporated (CSAAE) in 2016.

Prior to the time I joined ELP, I was very angry at what was happening in my country, Nigeria but I didn’t do anything about it, I was almost giving up totally on any hope that the country would become better. Out of the little atom of hope I had that this country can actually become better, I saw the application to join the Emerging Leaders Program and I decided to “shoot my shot” and I got in.

Now, it was time to go for the Foundation Conference and Impact dinner in Imo State, Nigeria. We arrived at Imo, got to the hotel and I was amazed! I did not expect to see that sort of ‘belief’ that Nigeria could be better! I had the chance to meet the former DG of INEC, Late Prof. Momoh and he brought tears to my eyes! He was very ill but he had already given his word that he was going to be there and he came. One could see he wasn’t feeling well but you could also see the energy, the anger in him for a better Nigeria.

I also met Dr. Godswill Agbagwa, founder of CSAAE and I was touched. This man brought people from all over the country together, fed us, accommodated us and even reimbursed money spent on transportation. What manner of selflessness is this? I asked myself and, there and then, my hope for a better Nigeria and a better Africa was renewed!

I was inspired by CSAAE to kick off my project; an initiative aimed at getting young people involved in making Africa a better place through the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals and it makes me so happy creating impact in my little way through the safe space that CSAAE created for me.

The 6th edition of CSAAE’s Emerging African Leaders Foundation Conference is next month. Check back for more details.