From there everything changed


By Praymore Dandy

Second Year Student of Basic Nursing, College of Nursing and Midwifery, Vom, Jos

As a teenage girl who just graduated from Girls’ High School, Gindiri somewhere in plateau state, I was this reserved, timid girl who could barely speak to someone who was not a close friend, family or relative. All attempt made by my mom to get me to go out and relate with others failed.

But after I gained admission into a university to study ‘Physics’ and resumed classes, I got another admission into a school of Nursing. Without hesitations, I took it. It was my 2nd choice and it brought me closer to my passion; ‘helping people’. Initially, that decision seemed like the worst but it turned out to be the best decision of my life because it led me to CSAAE.

I joined CSAAE in 2016 after it was advertised in my school by Francisca Ekwonu. I had to go through essay writing and interview sessions. Boom, I was one of the 25 who were chosen. This transformed my life.

I attended the foundation conference in December 2016 at Owerri, Imo state. While there, I met youths of like mind and people I ordinarily would never have gotten close to like Mr. Chike Nwosu. The founder’s (Rev. Fr. Godswill Agbagwa) dream was the most inspiring I had ever listened to.

From there everything changed, for I began to gain knowledge, shed off fear, timidity and most of all got experience and exposure in a very safe manner. I mean ‘the village girl had entered a lift, learnt to take tea with just 2 cubes at most, speak amidst a hundred’ and most of all learned to ‘journey beyond the horizon’, from a book the Centre mandated us to read, while travelling around Nigeria. As far as I am concerned, greatness became my most important priority.

I also embarked on a Community Development Project which is compulsory in the Centre; ‘Motivating Youths and Advocacy Against Drug Abuse'(MYAADA). Hmmm, you know I sometimes use my last hundred Naira in school for recharge card to join in CSAAE training online, you know why? Without CSAAE, I am just that timid girl.

I thought of quitting many times because the journey got tougher but CSAAE reminded me that when the journey gets tough only the toughest survive and to think that a girl like me could contest for miss Florence Nightingale, CON & M, Vom and won was unimaginable. Yeah, it also taught me not to shy away from society/social stuff too. All thanks to God Almighty and CSAAE.

Lastly, CSAAE brought me closer to my dream, to be ‘a motivational speaker’ who inspires youths. In my school today, anytime public speaking is involved, my name is mentioned. I sincerely appreciate God, CSAAE and our Mentors for creating safe space for me.
Thank you.

Together we can make Africa a better place.

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