ELP Selections


In 2013, our Centre launched ELP. Our mission was to start healing Africa’s failure of political and government leadership from the root. The aim of ELP is to raise a new crop of political and government leaders imbued with the morals, effective leadership skills and entrepreneurial spirit to facilitate development and end poverty in Africa.

Each year we select a minimum of 25 undergraduates for the three-year long nurturing program.

After a rigorous screening process that involved essay writing, telephone interviews and background checks, we have selected the following to join ELP on November 25, 2017.

Please let us know if anyone on this list belongs to any terrorist organization, campus cult, prostitution ring, kidnapping gang or of questionable character.

Your report will be seen only by me and will be treated confidentially. Email: gagbagwa@csaaeinc.org.
Thank you. Together we can make Africa a better place.