CSAAEINC Spends Over 10million Naira on Scholarships.

The name, Africa, has become synonymous with poverty. No jobs. No food. Poor healthcare, etc. As a result of this, many Africans feel hopeless and seek to migrate. But a Maryland based international organization, the Center for Social Awareness, Advocacy and Ethics Inc. (CSAAEINC), is challenging this negative status quo. CSAAEINC is convinced that poverty in Africa is largely due to failure of leadership, loss of moral and social sense as well as lack of entrepreneurial spirit. To this end, the Center is providing series of youth ethics, leadership and entrepreneurship programs. According to the founder of CSAAEINC, Rev. Godswill Agbagwa, the aim is to help African youths build the capacities, competencies and character to facilitate development and end poverty in Africa. One of such programs is the Emerging (African) Leaders Program (ELP).

Through ELP, the Center is nurturing ethical and innovative African leaders. These are undergraduates with leadership potentials drawn from across Africa through a merit-based process. The Center seeks to imbibe in these future African leaders the qualities of highly effective leaders through a combination of ethical and innovative leadership conferences, book reading, film viewing, leadership building experiences, one-on-one mentoring and community development projects.

Ironically, most of these future leaders come from families that can barely afford food to eat, talk less of paying for college. Rather than drop out of college to join gangs and rising terrorist groups in Africa, CSAAEINC provides tuition support to enable them complete college. Besides, if they must become the kind of leaders Africa needs, college education is clearly important.

Going to college is one thing, getting the proper education is another. In some of the universities these future leaders are attending, college education is but a show of shame. At the slightest provocation, professors go on strike for months. Grades are dished out to the highest bidders. No good libraries, no computers for research, etc. To ensure that these future leaders acquire the knowledge that works, CSAAEINC organizes conferences and summits to provide better learning opportunities and resources. The Center also provides books and year-round opportunities for serious reading as well as educative film viewing. All these are provided free of charge to these future leaders.

Although CSAAEINC commenced trainings in 2013, it has already spent over N15,000,000.00 ($30,000.00) in tuition support, academic conferences, books and films for emerging leaders. For instance, the Center has provided tuition support to over fifteen emerging leaders. These scholarships range from full year’s tuition to semester support each per the need of the student-beneficiary. CSAAEINC partners with individuals and organizations who understand the need to deal with corruption and poverty in Africa. The donors appreciate the vision of the Center and are convinced that CSAAEINC’s commitment to the course of the African child is the best strategy for change. Donors come from Africa, Europe and America. They are impressed by the transparency and credibility exhibited by the Center, and are willing to give.

Mary Roberts, for instance, is a United States citizen from Michigan. She donates $1000 dollars annually in memoriam of her mother Mary Lowrey. Mary channels her donation to girls in the program. She says, “Rather than have girls drop out of college and go prostituting, I will pay for them to stay in school”. Mr. Steve Kirsch is also a donor from the state of Michigan. Steve stated that his passion is to help change the negative stories he reads about Africa, and donates $1,000 annually to this course. Dr. Ezeugwu Camellus, is a Nigerian cardiologist with John Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore. He donates $1000 dollars annually to pay tuition for two undergraduates in the University. Ms. Bridget Kenah, is a donor from Cameroun. As a nurse, she is willing to make sacrifice to see that young kids in Africa survive. As such, she donates $1,000 dollars to CSAAEINC scholarship annually. Mr. Humphrey Achor is a Canada based businessman from Nigeria. He feels sad with the political situation in Nigeria and has aligned with CSAAEINC to train future leaders by his scholarship award. You can read more about scholarship or be a donor at http://csaaeinc.org/elp-scholarship/.

Importantly, CSAAEINC’s scholarship has non-discriminatory policy, not gender or religion based. In Nigeria, for instance, CSAAEINC scholarship recipients come from all geographical, ethnic, tribal and religious representations. Some of the student-beneficiaries include: Nwaonu Davidson, an Agricultural Economy student from South east of Nigeria; Mighty Matthew Kwanti, an engineering student from the North while Valentine Momoh, an Agric-Economy student is from the West. Ekwonu Francisca is from Eastern part of Nigeria but a student at University of Jos, North central of Nigeria while Suyum Emmanuel is from the North of Nigeria studying in the East.

Meanwhile, the testimonies of these students are overwhelming. They express awe that a scholarship scheme could work in Nigeria in such a transparent and consistent manner. The students unanimously acknowledge that with the help of CSAAEINC scholarship, they could graduate on time, secure the required books and be in good financial standing to pursue their academic dreams. Their promise is to make good use of the opportunity granted them by the organization.

Being part of CSAAEINC scholarship scheme is simple and noble. Unlike any ordinary project, it is a commitment for change. It is not a venture for political or egoistic interest. It is not an empty philanthropic gesture. It is a conviction, a movement to raise leaders with the capacity, character and competency for change in Africa. The donors and the recipients have a connection, a bond to achieve CSAAEINC’s goal for change with their benefactors. CSAAEINC’s scholarship is mentoring taken to another level. It is a cultivation of credibility and tenacity for future leaders. Once you become a donor, you will get the chance at the end of the year, to meet with the beneficiaries of your scholarship and say a few words to them. How about that?

To be part of this noble project please call: +14438134968 (U.S.) or +2438168184714. Email: gagbagwa@csaaeinc.org.

Together, we can make Africa a better place!


Rev. Fr. Vincent Arisukwu