CSAAE Career Building, Business and Entrepreneurship Development Service Providers to storm Owerri

Facilitating development and ending poverty in Africa is not a task for the government alone. That is why in addition to nurturing future government leaders imbued with the morals and skill set necessary to facilitate development and end poverty through its Emerging African Leaders Program (ELP), CSAAEINC is also helping other key players in development including aspiring media, judicial, religious and business leaders build the capacities, competencies, and character to help facilitate development, end poverty and make Africa a better place. The Centre does this through its Career Building and Entrepreneurship Program (CBEP) which also is designed to provide expert foundation training and follow up mentoring in Career, Business and Entrepreneurship development for the general public but especially for young people.  

On June 30, 2018, in partnership with Catholic Family Outreach International, CSAAEINC is organizing a career building, business and entrepreneurship foundation training in Owerri, at St. Joseph the Worker Catholic Parish, Owerri. Time is 9:00 am prompt. This one-day expert training and interface is aimed at exposing participants to valuable information on career choice, entrepreneurship, jobs, studies abroad and financial management, while also diagnosing their career and business plans. CSAAEINC Career and Business Development Service Providers will be on the ground to drill participants on project management, grant writing, and smart investment. Participants will also learn how to secure low-to-interest free loans, jobs, and scholarships abroad as well as how to start and grow enterprises.

Beyond the foundation training, CSAAEINC Career and Business Development Service Providers will provide extended consulting services to interested participants to help them land dream jobs, initiate enterprises in areas of market demand or get the education they need

CSAAEINC’s Career Building and Entrepreneurship Program provides senior secondary schools, tertiary institutions, churches, student associations, cooperate bodies and NGOs the opportunity to help their young people build the capacities, competencies, and character to accomplish career goals and contribute to African social economic development. Available packages for the training include a single panel training which covers one key area, a multi-panel training covering more than one key area and a full panel training that covers all key areas.


CSAAEINC is an international NGO founded by Rev. Fr. Dr. Godswill Agbagwa, a priest of the Catholic Archdiocese of Owerri who resides in the USA. The Centre is registered in Nigeria and USA to redress the challenges of leadership, poor entrepreneurial spirit, and misguided social and moral sense – all of which he believes are the causes of poverty and underdevelopment in Africa. CSAAEINC is accomplishing through four programs designed to nurture a new generation of African leaders imbued with the character and skill set necessary to facilitate development and end poverty in Africa. The programs include the Emerging African Leaders Program (ELP), Career Building and Entrepreneurship Program (CBEP), Students Ethics and Anti-Corruption Network (SEACON) and Network of Effective African Leaders (NEAL). CSAAEINC carries out its activities in Nigeria from its offices in Owerri and Abuja with planning support from its head office in Maryland, U.S.A. For more information on CBEP Foundation Training, please email cbep@csaaeinc.org. Tel: +2348168184714.


ENL. Joy C. Uja