New: Apply for CSAAEINC Emerging African Leaders Scholarship

CSAAEINC Scholarships for Emerging African Leaders is part of the Emerging Leaders Program. Scholarships are awarded only to Emerging African Leaders who are undergoing three-year integrated ethics, excellence in leadership and innovation training at our Centre. We realized that many of them come from struggling families. But they are super brilliant, well-behaved, creative and have leadership potentials. Rather than drop out of college because of school fees we decided to support them with scholarships. We are also hoping that the scholarship award would elicit in them the spirit of public service, patriotism and selflessness lacking in our present leaders but badly needed in Nigeria today.

Again, we want to improve tribal relationships in Nigeria and strengthen national unity through the scholarships. It is my thinking that an Igbo student receiving a scholarship from a Hausa donor may make some difference in the way he or she sees people of other tribes. So, when he or she becomes a leader, he would treat all tribes fairly.

Though need-based, the scholarship program is also competitive. We look at our Emerging Leaders Achievement Tracking Sheet before awarding scholarship. Those who are performing well in the program and responding to treatment are given priorities. This is to encourage the dead culture of merit in Nigeria. The award process is set up in such a way that one can secure the award by hard work without having to give any form of bride or get in through any form of personal connection. Hopefully, when they get to leadership positions they can remember and do the same. 

The scholarship is semester by semester. Recipient receives a beautiful certificate with the name of the donor. When we have our Benefactor’s dinner at the end of the year, the donors will get the chance to meet with those who receive their scholarships. To apply for scholarship, please click here.

To award scholarship, please call: +14438134968