2017 International Youth Leadership, Career Building and Entrepreneurship Summit

Rare Opportunity: June 24th: UNIJOS

Do you wish to have your own business and begin making money even while in school? This summit is for you. James Elekwachi, U.K. trained business developer and Making Markets Work expert will introduce you to high yielding enterprises available to youths.

Don’t worry about the money to start. Our expert in project funding, Dr. Kurawa has a list of funding agencies home and abroad. He will walk you through on how to grab these funds. He will also reveal to you other ways to raise initial capital without having to break a bank.

We know some of you just don’t want to be entrepreneurs. The stress is too much right? No wahala! Former Diamond Bank top hiring officer and Certified Human Resources Expert will get you ready to land your dream job. It is not only Medicine or Law that pays. You can find a high paying job with any degree. Talk to Alex about your Career Path at the Summit.

In our highly competitive labor market, Bachelors degree may no longer be enough. You need additional education. But where you get that training matters. A good U.S. degree is still the best in the world. That’s what Facebook Owner, Mark Zuckerberg got. That’s what Apple Founder, Steve Jobs got. That’s what Bill Gates also got. You can get one and may be for free. Tahr Frambo from the University of Southern Mississippi, U.S.A will be at the Summit to get you into a U.S. University. Those who apply to University of Baltimore LEST program at the Summit will have almost $100 application fee waived.

Plus, 25-year-old Nigerian-American CEO and co-founder of fast-growing New York based Whoseyourlandlord, Ofo Ezeugwu will be on ground to tell you how he beat the odds and made it. He has vast network of 30 and below here in Yankee. Be sure to grab his business card.

Got questions that day? Talk to Jos FM Broadcaster, David King. He will anchor the event and ask all tough questions to these experts.

What else do you need at this time in life other than to have your own business, find a job or further your education? We got you all covered at this summit and don’t forget, you are also getting a training certificate from CSAAEINC, a U.S. based youth training Center now working in 20+ Universities in Nigeria.

If it sounds too good to be true, ask Russell, Tanko and Austin. They attended our summit last year alongside 1000+ students at the Federal College of Education, Obudu, Cross River State. Today, they are earning money while still in school. Come and hear their inspiring stories!

All these are FREE because we are committed to helping African Youths maximize their potential and end poverty in Africa. Just apply so we can plan for your comfort: www.csaaeinc.org/jos-summit-application